The structure of the Sentences and the associative model means that every entity and association (together, "things") is the source and target of associations, and by clicking on a thing all of its outward and inward associations are immediately visible.

This applies not only to business entities such as Customers, but also to dates, numbers, amounts, strings, references and images. This means that there never need be more than one instance of "29-Jun-1970" or "$5.00" in the database.



Consequently, every database, including any relational database to which an associative DBMS is connected, is automatically an ultimately granular snowflake schema, with inward and outward references to every cell in the database just one click away.

In the example below, Sentences is on-line to the SQL Server AdventureWorks sample database, with schema on the left and data on the right.

Starting from no more data than a "Total Due" value of $100.50, by clicking on that value we can immediately see that there are five Sales Orders with Total Due of $100.50:

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