Sentences allows you to combine multiple data sources - relational and other - and query the results instantaneously.

Here, three databases are combined: SQL Server's AdventureWorks and Northwind sample databases, and IBM DB2's Go Sales sample database.

Each database includes various columns referring to cities. The aim of the query is to aggregate and present all references to a particular city - in this case, London - from each database.


AdventureWorks references cities for Employees, Vendors and Customer; Go Sales for Employees, Branches and Customers, and Northwind for Customers, Employees and Suppliers.

Aided by intelligent wizards and starting from a clean slate, a Sentences end-user could combine the three databases and create this panel, showing both identifiers and names, within about 30 minutes.

Once the query and the panel are built, the results are displayed instantly for any chosen city.



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