Sentences Version 4 is a web-enabled, multi-user data discovery, federation and visualisation environment for complex databases.

The previous Sentences Version 3 was used by Argos, Alcan, Electrolux, Forgecom, Johnson Matthey, Lloyds TSB, Man Group, Prime Selection, Reuters and others to develop and deploy custom database applications. It attracted favourable comment from Aberdeen, IDC, Butler and Bloor.

Sentences Version 4 has been comprehensively retooled for its new role.

Sentences' internal architecture is based on Lazysoft's Associative Model of Data.


Sentences V4.0 is built in Java, and is available in two editions:

  • Sentences V4.0 Enterprise Edition is a multi-user, web server based environment, available for Windows and Linux servers and Windows clients.

  • Sentences V4.0 Personal Edition is a single-user edition with most of the functionality of the Enterprise Edition, available for Windows and Mac OS X.


 The US Navy and the Associative Model

In March 2013, the US Navy endorsed the value and relevance of the Associative Model in its SBIR Topic N132-131 entitled "Scalable, Secure Associative Database".

The topic says:

"[The associative model] has broad applications for knowledge management and relationship extraction in both government and private sectors.

In government it has numerous applications in military, intelligence communities, law-enforcement, homeland security, state and local governments to deal with asymmetric threats, deploy first responders, crisis management planning, and humanitarian aid response.

The technology is equally compelling in commercial sector applications as it provides an environment to rapidly infer relationship and connect the right consumers to appropriate suppliers for wide-ranging services.

In essence the associative database system enables rapid understanding of highly complex events and situations by "connecting the dots" in an environment that involves high data volume and quick response".

Click here for a pdf of the topic.


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