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On this page, you can download:

     Sentences Personal Edition      

Sentences Personal Edition is a desktop application which has nearly all of the functionality of Sentences Enterprise Edition. It is available for Windows and for Mac OS X.

To install Sentences Personal Edition:

  1. Check that you have a Java plug-in for your browser, and download one if you do not. Instructions are provided below.

  2. Download and run the appropriate installer:

    Click here to download Sentences Personal Edition V4.0 for Windows (InstallAnywhere exe, 35 mb).

  3. Click here to download Sentences Personal Edition V4.0 for Mac OS X (zip, 35 mb).

  4. Start Sentences and log in with the User Name "System Administrator" and Password "SysAdmin". You will be prompted to change the password after you log in.

Normally installation of Sentences Personal Edition is straightforward, but if you need it here is the Sentences Installation Guide.

IMPORTANT: Some users have reported 'Windows error 2 occurred while loading the Java VM' when running the installer using Java Version 8 Update 60. If you encounter this, please contact us for a fix.


Sentences uses Java. To install and run Sentences, you will first need to make sure your browser has a Java plug-in:

  • If you're unsure whether your browser has a Java plug-in, you can check whether it does or not on Oracle's web site here.

  • If you don't have Java, you'll need to install it in order to install and run Sentences. You can download the free Java plug-in from Oracle here. It takes only a couple of minutes to download and install.
     Associative Model of Data      

If you'd like to know more about the database architecture underlying Sentences, click here to download Simon Williams' book "The Associative Model of Data" (pdf, 1 mb).

(This book was last revised in 2002 and needs an update when I can find the time! Please bear with me meanwhile. SW.)

    Click here to see a presentation about the Associative Model - more pictures than words! (pdf, 2.5 mb).      
     Sentences Personal Edition license      

Sentences Personal Edition comes with a license file that is normally good for at least three months. If your Sentences Personal Edition license has expired, right click here and use "Save target/link as..." to download a new one good until 30-Sep-2019.

The license file is called "SentencesLicense.txt". Replace the file by the same name in your "..\Lazy\SentencesPersonal40" folder with the one you have downloaded.

     Sentences documentation      
Here is a selection of Sentences' user, end user and techncial documentation:

Sentences V4 User Guide

Sentences Tutorial

Sentences Installation Guide

Sentences Installation Guide - IBM i

Sentences API Overview

Sentences API Reference

Sentences End User Guide

     Case Studies      
Here is a selection of case studies from customers who have successfully implemented Sentences:



John Crane

Johnson Matthey

Man Investments

Prime Selection


     Analysts' Reports      
Here is a selection of reports about Sentences from industry analysts:


Bloor - Fast ROI

Butler V2

Butler V3


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