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Addressing the Semantic Gap in Databases: Lazy Software and the Associative Model of Data

Carl W. Olofson
IDCBulletin #27774 - Aug 2002

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What is the significance of semantics in data management, and is anyone offering more support than that afforded by relational database management systems (DBMSs)?

Flexible data management, including combined data from multiple sources, and the ability to manage data over time as the data and its definitional characteristics change require support for the semantic rules governing the data. Yet, relational DBMSs are inherently limited in their ability to provide such support.

IDC has identified Lazy Software as one vendor that offers a refreshingly different approach to the problem of structured data management, an approach that goes a long way toward addressing the increasingly difficult task of managing the wide variety of data involved in ebusiness systems today.

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Table of Contents - Abstract - Document

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