If you'd like to drill down further inside the associative model, here are a range of topics that should be of interest.

  • Schema: how does the associative model define its data structures?

  • Transactions: how are transactions recorded, how are ACID properties maintained and how is concurrency achieved?

  • Metacode: how does the associative model deliver on its promise of faster development and fewer programs?

  • Chapters: how is an associative database physically organised, and how does it achieve its naturally distributed architecture?

  • Time dimension: how does the associative model record changing data over time, and make past views visible to users?

  • Business rules: how does the associative model record and enforce declarative business rules?

  • Queries:how does the associative model formulate and execute queries?

  • Data mining: how do associative databases automatically offer a 360° view of every data item in the database?

  • Instance schema: how does the associative model allow data to be recorded for a single instance of a type?

  • Relational data: how do associative databases interoperate and integrate with relational data?

  • Meta2-model: what is the associative model's meta-meta-model?



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