Sentences is the creation of Simon Williams, a software innovator, entrepreneur and investor.

Simon has founded two innovative software companies: Synon and Lazysoft.

Synon dominated the worldwide market in application development tools for the IBM mid-range platform, growing to $80m annual revenue.

Its tools, now branded as CA Plex and CA 2E, have been used to develop enterprise database applications by more than 6,000 companies worldwide.


Following the successful sale of Synon in 1998, Simon formed Lazy Software to develop Sentences, a database management system based on the associative model.

Backed by $11m of investment, Sentences was launched in 2000, and rapidly won happy customers and favourable comment from analysts and media.

Lazy Software failed to prosper in the tough post-9/11 climate, and was wound up solvently in 2003. Simon acquired the company's software and IP, and is now once again investing in the development and marketing of Sentences.





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